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Restaurant & Hospitality

Delivering a superior experience keeps your customers coming back time and again. That’s why you make it your top priority, bar none. At Integra we do the same for your business operations, so you can focus on delighting your customers.

It’s no secret that restaurant and hospitality businesses live and die by the quality of their services. To achieve the long-term success you want, you need to ensure the consistent superior level of your services, while maintaining solid financial operations across the key areas of your business.

Our clients turn to us for the trusted support they need to cover a wide range of business processes. Key services include:

  • Accounting & Tax Support. We take the guesswork and tedium out of managing your expenses, receipts and tax reporting. We can help you comply with the reporting requirements, and ensure you minimize your tax obligations.
  • Payroll Services. With constantly changing schedules, the challenges of managing full-time, part-time and overtime pay, and diverse employee tax reporting requirements, we can shoulder the burden. We provide easy payroll fulfillment and clear reporting that keeps you in control of your finances.

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