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How Winning can be Taxing

We all dream of hitting the lottery, or winning millions on a game show, but what typically does not accompany these fantasies is the taxes that accompany a life-changing sum of winnings. Anything from cash, cars, houses, or even a vacation can be subject to taxes and while the amount may vary, it’s important to […]

IRS Business Taxes
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What is IRS Code Section 44 and Do You Qualify?

What is IRS Code Section 44? IRS Code Section 44 is an annual tax credit for making their business accessible to persons with disabilities. The credit is available every year and can be used for a wide range of costs, including: Sign language interpreters for employees or customers who have hearing impairments. Readers for employees […]

Small Businesses
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5 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Small businesses, much like individuals, face an ever-growing complex field of taxes making navigation tricky at best. It can be incredibly difficult keeping up with all the tax code changes when organizing your expenses and deductions but understanding the rules and regulations can help your company save money when it comes to filing. So, with […]

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5 Ways QuickBooks Can Help Your Business

QuickBooks is the gold standard when it comes accounting software, mainly due to the program’s ability to simplify and streamline your day-to-day business processes. If you are currently not using it, here are just a few reasons why you should start. Check Printing Being able to simply print a check directly from QuickBooks increases efficiency […]

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The Making of an Audit

It’s a small five letter word but it has a reputation of striking a great amount of fear in almost anyone. Even if you know you filed everything correctly, there is always that small fear that maybe you forgot to add a decimal point, checked the wrong box, or misspelled your middle name and you […]