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Payroll Management

Streamline and simplify your payroll operations by relying on Integra’s proven payroll management services. Operating in sync with our comprehensive financial services, we automate and manage the process so you’re free to focus on strategic business priorities.

When you rely on Integra for expert handling of your financial processes and records, entrusting your payroll management to us makes perfect sense. With all your business financials securely under control, we can make payroll operations a smooth extension, efficiently integrating all the business and personal tax deposits and reporting required.

  • Our comprehensive services can help you eliminate the tedious efforts associated with manual payroll, as well as minimize error rates.
  • Automation of diverse tax deposit requirements to various federal, state and local agencies takes the headaches out of managing your business and employees taxes.
  • Our services include a full range of reporting requirements and records management, taxes, year end W-2’s and other required documentation.

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