Comprehensive accounting practices are crucial to your organization; providing insight to the organization’s financial well-being. The evolving regulatory environment and growing business needs require pro-active financial and management to stay ahead of the curve. Integra is a full-service accounting firm that adheres to the highest standards in the industry to produce measurable profit protecting results. Successful businesses in Berks County have turned to Integra as their accounting resource for over 22 years.

Efficiency Consulting

We will assess and consult with you on the most effective ways to consolidate data around company financial transactions, assets, liabilities and tax reporting – so nothing about your company’s finances keeps you awake at night.

Peace-of-Mind Compliance

Stay compliant with regulatory standards by choosing the experts at Integra. Our team will keep you informed and keep your business aligned with the ever-changing requirements.

Expert Auditing Guidance

We provide the internal auditing expertise to both minimize the risk of audits and to ensure crystal-clear data and process availability in the event of a governmental review.

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