At Integra, our Healthcare accounting team will prepare you for the many changes happening within the industry. We understand that wearing too many hats can prevent better patient care from growing your practice. We’ll handle the financial processes and administrative tasks of your medical or dental office so you can attend to more important matters, patients.

Health Reform Tax Planning

Healthcare is changing and so are the tax codes and regulations that your practice needs to be aware of for proper filing. Integra develops tax preparation plans that insure a smooth transition into each new year. Understanding the rapidly changing tax reform is an essential component to safely on-boarding new patients.

Physicians and Medical Groups

Physicians across the US are encountering new healthcare reform demands. Among the side-effects of current reform is a decrease of reimbursements, quality scores and increased regulatory compliance measures. Integra provides guidance not just on tax returns, but on the overall financial and operational strategy of the practice for increased profitability.

Dental Practices

Dental practices have their own unique accounting needs due to only 60 percent of Americans having dental insurance. Monthly financials can often be cumbersome with more transactions and less reimbursements. Integra off-loads the burden of payroll and other administrative accounting analysis that prevents practice leaders from focusing on accepting new patients and growing revenue.

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