Restaurants and hotels benefit from our extensive experience and our commitment to your industry’s unique accounting, tax and business optimization needs. We often see issues with staffing, cash flow constraints and regulatory hurdles that prohibit businesses from reaching their full potential. Integra is the go-to partner for consultation when trying to gain feasible clarity on growth.

On Top of Trends

We’re proactive in understanding the challenges and changes in the industry so we can better advise clients and prioritize business opportunities from the back of the house to the front.

Accounting & Tax Support

We take the guesswork and tedium out of managing your expenses, receipts and tax reporting. We can help you comply with the reporting requirements, and ensure you minimize your tax obligations.

Payroll Services

Restaurants and Hospitality groups face many challenges from complex scheduling, employee management to the diverse employee tax reporting requirements. Integra will help you rest-easy with our clear reporting and payroll fulfillment to keep you in control of your finances.

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