Experience with a Firm Understanding

Integra brings a contextual understanding to each industry for solving specific business issues.

Simplify payroll administration and save time with Integra. We offer payroll solutions that allow real business goals to emerge while minimizing the errors of manual payroll. Small business owners spend an average of 8 hours per month performing administrative functions; 12 business days per year. Take control of your business with the automation of federal, state, and local tax requirements, records management, administering W-2s, and required documentation.


Pennsylvania manufacturing companies need a trusted advisor who serves the specific needs of the industry. Integra analyzes production challenges, cost accounting, lease accounting and tax incentives to insure profit protection.

Integra has more than 20 years of experience improving profit and reducing tax liabilities for manufacturing companies. Our clients range from family owned businesses to board-controlled organizations. Our proactive tax planning approach keeps a firm grasp on the changing federal, state and local tax regulations that are enforced with non-compliance penalties. Avoiding penalties, minimizing taxes and consulting on operational efficiencies are the reasons businesses in Berks County and surrounding areas choose Integra as a comprehensive accounting solution.

Big Picture Perspective

Understanding the manufacturing process from the inside-out is crucial for developing an effective strategy. Integra will interview your team to gain clarity on raw material costs, additional cost elements and overhead cost pools to insure an effective financial strategy.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit

Does your company innovate as part of the design and manufacturing process? We can determine if you qualify for a research and development tax credit that could save your business tens of thousands of dollars.

Distribution Consulting

Manufacturing is only half of the big picture, as distribution offers its own set of business complexities. Profitability depends on efficiencies that must be incorporated into daily processes. Integra offers not only traditional accounting, audit and tax planning, but also a full complement of business advisory services that will help take you to the next level.


Patient care is paramount but the business of care is evolving. Integra can help you prepare for what lies ahead in small medical practice tax regulation. We help IPAs, private practices, specialty clinics, dental offices, Assisted living facilities, SNFs, home health agencies, hospice centers and more.

At Integra, our Healthcare accounting team will prepare you for the many changes happening within the industry. We understand that wearing too many hats can prevent better patient care from growing your practice. We’ll handle the financial processes and administrative tasks of your medical or dental office so you can attend to more important matters, patients.

Health Reform Tax Planning

Healthcare is changing and so are the tax codes and regulations that your practice needs to be aware of for proper filing. Integra develops tax preparation plans that insure a smooth transition into each new year. Understanding the rapidly changing tax reform is an essential component to safely on-boarding new patients.

Physicians and Medical Groups

Physicians across the US are encountering new healthcare reform demands. Among the side-effects of current reform is a decrease of reimbursements, quality scores and increased regulatory compliance measures. Integra provides guidance not just on tax returns, but on the overall financial and operational strategy of the practice for increased profitability.

Dental Practices

Dental practices have their own unique accounting needs due to only 60 percent of Americans having dental insurance. Monthly financials can often be cumbersome with more transactions and less reimbursements. Integra off-loads the burden of payroll and other administrative accounting analysis that prevents practice leaders from focusing on accepting new patients and growing revenue.

Professional Services

We have a lot in common. As a professional services business, you focus on delivering your specialized expertise to your clients – at Integra, we do too. Let us free you to focus on what you do best, while we do our best for you.

As a part of the professional services industry, we understand the challenges and opportunities that businesses face. Our tax advisors and accountants provide critical foresight to help guide IT companies, law firms, insurance brokers, real estate, and engineering firms all of which benefit from our partnership. Managing tax exposure and regulation can prohibit professionals from maximizing their billable time. Integra has a proactive approach to accounting and tax preparation that reduces tax season anxiety.

Audit and Accounting

We build lasting relationships and prove to be more than just accountants; we’re quality partners that you can count on for clear industry insight year round. Our clients see measurable results and know we are in their corner year-after-year.

Regulatory Compliance Services

Compliance is a thread that runs through all of our accounting and tax preparation services. We stay up-to-date on the ever-changing regulatory environment to insure accuracy and reduced probability of an audit.

Comprehensive Structuring & Tax Planning

Broker-dealers turn to Integra to assist with business tax prep, business returns, individual principal and partner returns, partnership tax allocation, Schedule K-1s, transfer pricing, and cost segregation. As the trusted tax advisor we provide strategies that lessen tax consequences when acquisition, merger or sale occur in the business life-cycle.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Delivering a superior experience keeps your customers coming back time and again. That’s why you make it your top priority, bar none. At Integra we do the same for your business operations, so you can focus on delighting your customers.

Restaurants and hotels benefit from our extensive experience and our commitment to your industry’s unique accounting, tax, and business optimization needs. We often see issues with staffing, cash flow constraints, and regulatory hurdles that prohibit businesses from reaching their full potential. Integra is the go-to partner for consultation when trying to gain feasible clarity on growth.

On Top of Trends

We’re proactive in understanding the challenges and changes in the industry so we can better advise clients and prioritize business opportunities from the back of the house to the front.

Accounting & Tax Support

We take the guesswork and tedium out of managing your expenses, receipts and tax reporting. We can help you comply with the reporting requirements, and ensure you minimize your tax obligations.

Payroll Services

Restaurants and Hospitality groups face many challenges from complex scheduling, employee management to the diverse employee tax reporting requirements. Integra will help you rest-easy with our clear reporting and payroll fulfillment to keep you in control of your finances.


Focus on your customers, allowing your storefront to reach new revenue potential within the competitive retail industry you’re your trusted accounting and business advisors, we’ll provide you with the tools needed to meet your business goals.

Making smart decisions accurately and timely is critical for retailers to stay ahead of the game. Integra’s accounting and tax advisors have experience working with shop owners, dealerships, wholesalers and supermarkets at every stage of the life-cycle. Integra has been helping main street thrive for over 20 years with strategic accounting and tax planning that allow owners to focus on their customers.

Trend Analysis

Understanding the latest retail business trends allows our customers to stay ahead of the curve in a time of unprecedented competition online and offline.

Trusted Advisors

As trusted advisors we guide our retail clients in categories such revenue recognition, leases and inventory to name a few. Prepare for the ultimate in accounting clarity for small business.

State & Local Taxes

Our tax experts identify and navigate nexus and other state and local sales tax compliance requirements. We’ll also identify opportunities for state and local tax credits for research and development initiatives.


Take control of your financials by keeping track of individual construction jobs that lead to the bigger picture. We understand the importance of treating each project as a unique profit center. Our experts will help you to gain accurate insights into expenses and production activities that make up job costs. Save time, with our team of leading CPAs who can handle multiple state, union, and certified payrolls.  

Job Costing

Get actionable reporting that members of your team can fully use.  Understanding the data for better estimating, bidding and cost reporting, you can protect your narrow profit margins.


Construction Payroll

With rigorous compliance, decentralized cost centers and multiple profit centers, we understand the many complexities involved in construction payroll.  


Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant by generating accurate reports and understanding the many requirements of the jurisdictions you work and bid in.  

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