Making smart decisions accurately and timely is critical for retailers to stay ahead of the game. Integra’s accounting and tax advisors have experience working with shop owners, dealerships, wholesalers and supermarkets at every stage of the life-cycle. Integra has been helping main street thrive for over 20 years with strategic accounting and tax planning that allow owners to focus on their customers.


Trend Analysis

Understanding the latest retail business trends allows our customers to stay ahead of the curve in a time of unprecedented competition online and offline.

Trusted Advisors

As trusted advisors we guide our retail clients in categories such revenue recognition, leases and inventory to name a few. Prepare for the ultimate in accounting clarity for small business.

State & Local Taxes

Our tax experts identify and navigate nexus and other state and local sales tax compliance requirements. We’ll also identify opportunities for state and local tax credits for research and development initiatives.

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